Why should I feel like I’m being forced to enjoy my time being trapped in a different city with my parents and my sister and her fiancé? I’m supposed to enjoy my time being followed around the mall by my dad? I’d rather be in Birmingham where I can go wherever the fuck I want without being hounded with questions all the fucking time.

Part of why I hate going to visit my sister is because I’m always the odd one out and I’m really not feeling like walking around and going places with my parents.

Also my dad is still annoying the absolute shit out of me

As per usual

The fact that my dad waited to eat lunch until I came down at two o’clock to eat lunch so that he could grill me about school and my grades when I didn’t even get back until last night and I AM FUCKING EXHAUSTED FUCK OFF

I’m so tired of this I’m so tired of it I hate coming home I hate it

I’m getting my Harry Potter and cuddles and sex this weekend yes yes YES agh.

On one hand I’m always like YES whenever I start my period but then I’m like NO bc cramps and I want to eat everything